One of the best places to shop in Ottawa... you've got great variety of food, wonderful artisans, and one of the best cafes in town!."


Welcome to Ottawa's historic ByWard Market Square. ByWard Market Square is located in the downtown area of Ottawa's oldest commercial and residential neighbourhoods and the cradle of the city's French, Irish and Jewish populations.

The original market building was constructed in 1848 and the current one was built in 1926. 

It was renovated in 1975 and re-opened in 1976. At this time the building became a domain for Art and Craft producers.



In November, 1997 a joint venture between the City of Ottawa and the ByWard Market Building Revitalization Group was put into place. 

The Revitalization Group undertook nearly $2 million in renovation and restoration transforming the building into the current landmark of retail food merchants, specialty boutiques and artisans.

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